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Wanted: Concert Buddy

The only thing I currently miss about being in a relationship is the automatic date for concerts. I have a tough time finding a guy with similar music taste. When I’m dating someone, this isn’t a problem because he’s down for anything from Rilo Kiley to Girl In A Coma.

I haven’t been to a concert since November because (a) my friends don’t usually like a lot of the bands I like or they can’t go out on weeknights or (b) I just don’t feel like going alone. I’ve already missed a few shows I’ve wanted to attend for this reason. I don’t want to miss out on more great shows, especially as the summer months approach. Thus, I’m starting a search for a concert buddy.

Job description

Job Title: Concert Buddy

Job Summary: Concert buddy for a 27-year old Chicana. Typical evening on the job would include carpooling to the concert venue. Small talk while waiting for band(s) to perform. Dancing and enjoying music. Dinner before event is not required, but tacos or other late night snacks are standard form.

Qualifications: Somewhat similar music taste (please refer to last.fm list of most listened to artists), speaks and understands Spanish (pochos welcomed), dances well, excellent parallel parker, willing to be the designated driver if necessary, and familiarity with Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Must own reliable automobile.

Experience: At least 5 years concert-going experience at small venues (e.g., the Temple Bar), large venues (e.g., Hollywood Bowl), and festivals (e.g., Coachella).

Location: Los Angeles and surrounding cities

Hours: 3-5 hours per week, weeknights and weekends.

Compensation: This is a volunteer position

Please send mixtape (acceptable in CD or MP3 format), list of concerts recently attended, and references to Cindylu .


10 thoughts on “Wanted: Concert Buddy

  1. If you’d posted this a year ago when I was still living in LA and in desperate need of a new concert buddy, I’d’ve soooo volunteered for the job. Now that I’m in the Bay, I’m kinda in the same position as you.

    I’m curious about how many random mixtapes you might receive. Sorta envious, too!

  2. AJ says:

    Are you trying to torture me woman?! You’re going to make me pick up and move to Los Angeles. My Spanish is pretty terrible though…would you willing to substitute mostly English, a little Italian, laughable Vietnamese, and a few pairs of really great shoes for Spanish speaking abilities? I seriously need to move. My usual concert buddy has abandoned me for work.

    Speaking of Rilo Kiley…Under the Blacklight has finally grown on me.

  3. I’m in a similar position my friend. I HAVE to go to shows for The Scenestar, but nobody likes to fill my plus one. You know how many times I’ve offered to pay for drinks, food, etc and had people still say no to Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, Justice, Hot Hot Heat, Interpol, Morrissey, Daft Punk, etc!? The cute part is when the person says no, and then that same person that turned the free concert offer down gets mad because now they like said artist a few months later & wishes you harrased them more to actually go….

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