Smarties and suckers

As soon as I left the party, I tried to figure out what had just happened. I was so distracted, I got lost on my way back to the freeway.

I kept replaying the night. First the pick-up line which wasn’t really a pick-up line. Then dancing and random compliments. Then more dancing. Then singing along to Los Prisioneros’ “Tren Al Sur” and really meaning “no ves que estoy contento, no ves que estoy feliz?” And finally the anti-climactic goodbye at my car. A hug and a nice to meet you. But no phone numbers.

On the twenty minute drive from Pico Rivera back to Palms I wondered if I had misread the cues. If everything felt so right, then why didn’t he ask for my number? And why was I such a weenie that I didn’t just give it to him?

As I re-counted the chisme to my sister the next morning over menudo (sans tripe, ugh), I explained that all hope was not lost.

“I think I’m going to see him next week at a Los Lobos concert,” I told her. “He also has a copy of Puro Pedo. My name is in that. If he even knows how to use Google he can find me… but that might be weird. There’s always the hostess and M, the mutual contact. He can ask them for my contact info… but would that be stalkerish?”

“Don’t sweat it,” she said. “Whatever happens, happens.”

I took her advice.


9 thoughts on “Smarties and suckers

  1. chidolitis says:

    Sometimes its hard not to trip over it, but, you really can’t do shit about it. Your sister is wise.

  2. maybe he’s just as much of a weenie a you are… he was probably in his car replaying the same moments that you were and wondering why he didn’t ask you for your number…. or maybe he’s gay.

  3. Confucious or Charly on the corner once said,
    “He (or she) who does not know how to make own climax, will always have anti- climaxes when with other who don’t know how to climax.”

    Be fearless

    Regret hurts more and longer than the bruises of a good ride.

  4. i agree with your sis–there’s nothing you can do right now. but it’s hard not to replay the coulda, woulda, shoulda game in your mind. i’m also not good at making moves and thinking to give my number when it hasn’t been asked for. guess i gotta work on being bold too. that said, i do think he’s a little bit of a weenie for not asking you. but then again, maybe he’s not in a dating place right now for whatever reason.

  5. Chidolitis,
    Yeah, I had little cards with my contact info on hand too, and I still couldn’t work up the nerve.

    You don’t need to wait!

    I think the former explanation is more likely.

    I don’t get that quote. I’m usually not such a weenie. I think the heat got to me in this situation. I was probably dehydrated and tired from trying to look cute in my black strappy sandals.

    I’ve learned that men are just as scared of rejection as we are.

    Me? A devil? And where is this going?

  6. Did you guys do the “butt out” kind of hug?
    The one where you hug in the most funniest way by sticking out the butt as your about to hug someone.


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