The 41st week

Last Friday during my visit, my doctor examined me, stripped my membranes and then scheduled me for an induction at 41 weeks.

“Do you want Thursday or Friday?”

“Uh… Thursday.” I responded. It’s not like I had any plans.

I asked her how likely it would be given my status at the point that I’d go into labor on my own and not need the induction.

“Very likely,” she responded. Or something like that. I’ve read that after stripping the membranes about 30% of women go into labor. I just got cramps and more lower back pain, but nothing regular.

I spent Friday taking walks and baking peach cobbler with Lori. We made enchiladas, rice and beans. The next morning Sean and I enjoyed our last lazy Saturday morning. Spontaneous or not, we knew our lives would be different by the end of the week. That afternoon, my parents returned. Mom brought her cleaning supplies again and tackled the kitchen with help from dad. By the time they left that evening, my apartment was cleaner than it’s been since I moved in 13 years ago. On Sunday morning, Sean made me pancakes and we did more walking before and after church.

Even though I was already fielding comments and questions from friends, family and co-workers about baby news, I wasn’t feeling bummed about being past due. I liked the idea of our son sharing a birthday with Papá Chepe on the 29th.

Unfortunately, the day came and went. Y nada. Same with Tuesday.

Car issues

Actually, I don’t mind that he didn’t make his appearance then since my car failed to start when I was about to head out for lunch with Sean. By the end of the day I had a new battery and relief that I wouldn’t need to think about car repairs, rentals, and warranties for the time being.

“Just wait, he’ll come on Wednesday because he wants to share his mom’s favorite number” mom said after he missed out on the 29th.

Nothing happened on Wednesday during the day except that I slept until 11 and then made the perhaps unwise decision to go on a 5 mile walk. I was very tired at the end especially since the route is pretty hilly and I haven’t been doing long walks. I might have fared better if I’d taken a snack.

Toward the end of the walk, a woman walking out of a house around the corner saw me. I assume she was leaving her home and child(ren) or had just dropped off her child(ren) with a babysitter.

“Enjoy your freedom now, mama!” she called out to me.

I smiled and thought to myself, ‘Um, my freedom is the problem here.’

I don’t know if we’ll need the induction appointment tomorrow, but if we do I hope all goes well.


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