Bebe, Familia

Take me out to the baby shower

Proud first time grandparents

My parents and sister hosted a baseball-themed baby shower in honor of me, Sean and baby Meatball on June 22nd. It was a beautiful day filled with family, friends, good food, cute decorations and — of course — lots of adorable baby clothes.

Party planner extraordinaire

My family once again showed that they’re experts at party planning and hosting.

Dodgers and Yankees goodie bags

My mother-in-law, Eula, hosted her a baby shower in NY a few weeks before the California party. We tried to Skype in, but there were technical difficulties.

A blanket for Sean?

We’ve been very blessed by our families’ and friends’ generosity. I know it’s cheesy to proclaim “so blessed!” on social media, but I can’t help it.


It’s the truth.

Table set-up for the baby shower

The decorations were awesome.

#1 Fan

Alexis designed the invitations an other printed materials. Even though Alexis couldn’t make the party, she still helped Lori a lot preparing the favors and other decorations.

Baseball cupcakes

Rookie of the year cupcakes

Lori made the cupcakes and other goodies like caramel popcorn.

Homemade caramel popcorn

A baseball party needs bunting.

Bebe bunting 1

Bebe bunting 2

Bebe bunting 3

And a scoreboard.

We have a little rivalry going

My cousin Bibi helped out with this.

Concessions stand

Adrian manned the grill at the concessions stand.

Patty leaves her advice

We didn’t have many games, but did have an activity station where guests left advice.

Give us your advice

I laughed and cried while reading through the book later. Some parental advice was silly, most was heartfelt, and some came from those who have passed. My mom’s advice were paraphrased words from Grandpa Bartolo about breastfeeding.

She was really happy with her peanuts

We played a couple of co-ed and not-so-cheesy games like trying to guess the number of peanuts in a bottle.

Clothes and more clothes

We opened a lot of gifts. Some were quite traditional.

Punk and hip hop baby (ain't nothing to f*** with)

Some not.


Some were super.

Sean's not a fan of the Kemp t-shirt

Some sporty.

Looking short next to Val

Familia Aguilar

Tía Luisa and tío Chuy

Adrian is intimidated by the belly

Thank you for making us feel so loved. I can’t wait for Baby MB to meet such amazing people in our lives… Even Adrian and the other goofballs.


3 thoughts on “Take me out to the baby shower

  1. Julie (A Case of the Runs) says:

    Awesome theme!! I’m sure creativity will continue to run in your bloodline. 🙂

  2. Brilliant theme, actually one of the first baby shower themes that didn’t make me wanna barf. =D And you look so great! YOUR HAIR. I’m so jealous.

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