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35 week update

35 week pansa. Glad my mom saved this dress from my pre-weight loss days (I had given it to her to donate).

I’m at 35 weeks now.

Our doctor took an estimate of Meatball’s current weight, size and position. He’s getting big and he’s in position ready to go.

I’m not sleeping as well and am a little more tired, but it’s not too bad. There were a couple of nights where I woke up every 2 hours, but most nights I only wake up twice. The only things about sleep that are annoying are trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in or waking up with a cramp in my leg or foot.

I’ve only had one sorta dizzy spell. Nausea is coming back with occasional vomiting. It makes me wary of taking the prenatal vitamin because it always makes it worse.

Sean and I have been taking several classes. So far, we’ve taken the four-session prepared childbirth (Lamaze) class. The class was pretty small with only about 10 couples and we did it in two Saturdays. Our teacher, Christina, seemed like a cross between a very knowledgeable labor & delivery nurse/lactation consultant and a stand-up comedian/your hilarious friend. She had the props, stories about family members (mainly her sister), stories about her fiancé, silly gestures/facial expressions and even had the timing down. It was a nice change of pace from the generic DVD we watched in between her bits.

We’ve also had Tuesday evening classes at the hospital where we’re delivering. Our teacher, Gwen, has the same qualifications as Christina but instead she’s an older Jamaican woman. She’s not as funny, but I still like her classes and responses to some of the odd questions she gets. So far, we’ve taken: labor and delivery, breast feeding with success, and newborn care basics.

I feel like I’ve learned a lot, but still have a bunch of questions. I also fear that I’ll miss some early signs of labor or forget what I’m supposed to do.

My baby shower is later today. My sister said she and mom stopped counting the RSVPs after 100 people.


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