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A little scare and anatomy scan jitters

Written Wednesday, February 27th; edited today.

In a little over an hour, I’ll be going in for the anatomy scan. It’ll be the second part of the test to make sure everything is okay with the baby. Additionally, we’ll get to find out the baby’s sex, if he/she cooperates.

Pretty pink or baby blue? We found out today. Still seems surreal. @seanathan

I’m excited and a little scared at the same time. I’ve been really chill for the last 3 months. Sean is the one doing most of the worrying. This week is different.

On Monday morning I had one of my scary and annoying fainting spells. I was on the bus at the time and was sitting. At first I just felt nausea and thought it was motion sickness, which has been happening more often on the bus (I miss the days when I could read on the bus).

A stop later I knew it wasn’t the usual nausea that I could ride out until I got within a few blocks of work. I felt really bad (a) needed air and (b) really needed to get to a bathroom. At the next stop, I stumbled to the bus bench at Olympic and Westwood and took off my jacket immediately because I had chills and felt clammy. Everything looked really bright and I waited for my eyesight to readjust. Then I tried to figure out what to do. It was only about 8:30 so a lot of the places in the mini mall behind me were closed. I was 2 miles from home and about the same distance from work. When I felt okay to walk, I went across the street to use the bathroom. That made me feel better as did drinking some Gatorade.

After that I got to work on the next bus that came along. I felt weak and tired the rest of the day but the nausea and dizziness never returned. I got in touch with the Kaiser nurse hotline and they put through a message to my OB. By the end of the day I had talked to another nurse in the OB’s office and scheduled an appointment for today (Wednesday). She’s probably not happy I omitted that I faint rarely.

Normally, the fainting thing doesn’t freak me out, but everything’s different as I’m pregnant. I don’t want to faint while pregnant and if it’s something to do with my blood pressure or heart then that’s definitely cause for worry as my heart is working harder with the greater blood volume.

As for the scan, I’m just hoping all is good with Baby Meatball (yes, that’s our odd nickname for him/her, I hope he/she forgives us when we reveal this). I hope his/her ten fingers and toes are coming in just fine and. And I hope to feel those toes and feet soon with a kick or something. I still haven’t felt the baby and that bums me out a little.

We took a mini poll with the immediate family to vote on what they predict I’m carrying. Currently girl is winning by two votes. While I don’t have an intuition about the baby’s sex, my dad does. He dreamed about his grandchild shortly after we revealed we were expecting. He mentioned the dream a while ago, but kept the details to himself because he didn’t want to sway our name choices. He finally revealed on Sunday after voting in the poll that in his dream, our baby was a boy named Juan Carlos. “I think I was influenced by your tío Johnny’s passing since it was not too long after,” he confessed. It makes sense since Juan Carlos combines both brothers’ first names.

We’ll see if my dad is right. He’s got decent odds.


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