10 day countdown to September 15th

The final ten days of wedding prep and planning weren’t too hectic. We had enough time to get through our to-do list and pick up any items we needed for the wedding and rehearsal dinner.

Wednesday, September 5th

Making place cards. Ten days to go!

Sean made the place cards. We used cards from the Paper Source. Sean worked off a design from Noma (see below).

Thursday, September 6th

Free teeth polish for brides, courtesy of my dentist

I took up my dentist on the free polishing he offered back in May when he found out I’d be getting married in September. He said he offers it for all his bride and groom patients. I couldn’t pass up anything free that comes with wedding prep.

Greys going away, again

Sunday, September 9th
I met with Andie to get my grays touched up and go a little darker. After flipping through some hairstyle books, I ditched my plan to go with an updo and we did a trial run for the day of.

Lineup for the 15th

At church that evening, I got excited thinking that the next time I’d be there for a service it’d be for my wedding mass. After the announcements, Fr. Ricky (our presiding priest, the one we’ve been meeting with since last July) asked the assembly to say a special prayer for us in our final week or preparation and planning. It was a special and emotional moment.

Later, I had an embarrassing bridezilla moment when I found out the hairstylist Lori hired for some of the bridesmaids would not travel to the hotel. I didn’t like the idea of everyone getting ready at other locations. After explaining my concerns to my parents and Lori, they worked something out to ensure everyone would be at the hotel by 10.

Monday, September 10th
I had planned to take the week off for work but ended up going in to the office since my parents assured me that everything was under control.

Tuesday, September 11th

Work vacation starts.

We figured out some final details with the caterer and modified the day of itinerary. Throughout the week, we tweaked the agenda some more as needed.

Welcome Bags for the Out-of-Towners

We did some shopping and picked up the rest of the items we needed for the out-of-towner welcome bags and assembled them. My parents provided chips, popcorn and granola bars from their pantry. Sean and I bought apples and bananas from Costco and Smart & Final. The mints, gum, and peanuts were from the 99 Cents Store.

Remember how our invitation designer, Noma, made several designs working around the same bicoastal theme? Sean repurposed some of the designs for the welcome note (handwritten), sticker on the welcome bags and local restaurant guide. My friend Gustavo Arellano came through with restaurant recommendations since he’s much more familiar with Orange County.

Wednesday, September 12th

Welcome bag drop off

Welcome bags for out of town guests

We delivered the OOT bags to the hotel in Brea and did some shopping for gifts for those participating in the ceremony (readers, padrinos/sponsors, etc). Sean bought another gift for the groomsmen.

Sean’s parents, brothers and several other family members flew in that afternoon. We’d see them later that day.

Wedding stuff taking over the house

Wedding stuff took over my apartment. It also took over my parents’ house.

Anything you could need in the bathroom basket

Lori made a bathroom basket with anything we could ever need.

Hundreds of cookies

She also made 900 Mexican wedding cookies for the favors. The baking for the wedding wouldn’t end there as she put herself on cupcake duty.

Cupcake maker, Lori

Thursday, September 13th

Picked Up My Tuxedo

After getting my nails done and eyebrows, upper lip waxed, I took it easy for the rest of the day to avoid messing up my nails. Sean had a busy day. He picked up Andrea, one of the bridesmaids, from the airport. Later, he met up with his father and brother to pick up their tuxedoes. I stayed home and read Junot Díaz’s new collection This Is How You Lose Her.

Drinks with My Groomsmen

Drinks with My Groomsmen

That evening, I dropped him off at his co-ed bachelor party and packed for the weekend.

Friday, September 14th

Loading up the car

The morning was interesting since Sean was still recovering from the bachelor party. I stayed in trying to avoid the heat until we had to leave for the rehearsal. We had to change our original plan of checking in at the Embassy Suites in Brea since we would’ve never made it with the traffic. Plus, a few miles in Sean nearly had a heart attack when he realized that he forgot his tux in the closet. At least we had enough time to go back.

We stopped in East LA to pick up the favor bags Paulina left for us at her grandma’s house. My cousin offered to make the favors but she couldn’t have them ready until some of the supplies came in from Mexico on Thursday night with Fabiola (cousin/soloist for the ceremony). I chatted with my great aunts and cousins briefly before heading out to my mom’s house. We got ready quickly and then headed to St. John Vianney for the rehearsal.


2 thoughts on “10 day countdown to September 15th

  1. I love your holding of Yolanda Lopez – Portrait of the Artist as the Virgin of Guadalupe. Dear lord you put soooooo much work into this wedding.

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