Something blue: Dodgers bachelorette outing

Happy place

A few years ago Lori attended a co-ed bachelor and bachelorette party at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. (Ugh, the Angels’ stadium would have an awkward and clunky name.) The couple rented out a luxury box and guests watched the game, ate and drank. Lori thought it was one of the coolest things ever. I was (a) jealous I didn’t go — not that I knew the couple or anything — and (b) couldn’t disagree. I probably said I’d like to do that whenever my time came around.

Cousins on the escalator

We didn’t go that route because Sean’s friends are in NY, plus Dodger Stadium isn’t his happy place and the Dodgers are not his favorite team. Plus, luxury boxes were out of our budget.

Team Cindy & Sean's wedding - bridesmaids

Instead, Lori planned a bachelorette outing that was local, low-key, all ages (one of the bridesmaids isn’t 21 yet), and recession friendly. We bought tickets via StubHub for the LA-based bridesmaides. Lori coordinated carpooling, rides, and our uniforms for the night.

Most of the bridesmaids

Lori made the shirts. Love them.

We wore personalized navy blue and white raglan tees. Before printing them, she asked what I wanted on the shirts.

planning the bachelorette outing

I suggested “La Novia” since it would be less obvious and look-at-me like other tanks/t-shirts I’ve seen for bachelorette parties. Only Spanish speakers would get the meaning behind the t-shirts. I also liked how they were a nod to my love for all things Lotería. (See: La Dama costume idea.)

Sean dropped me off at our meet up point in Elysian Park. It was quite the surprise to Nancy, Vanny, Valerie and Lori in their cute shirts. Even the numbers had some meaning behind them.

Showing off our Raglan t-shirts

I also loved that Lori chose La Novia and Las Damas. Sean left us and we drove in to the massive parking lot. By the time we got to our seats, the game was in the third inning. Isa joined up with us a little later.

Hugging Andre

The actual game could’ve been better. We arrived at the game around the third inning. The Dodgers were already losing 1-0 to the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Dodgers tied up the game in the bottom of the 6th and the game stayed that way until the 11th inning. We may have arrived late, but still got to watch a full game. [ESPN recap]

Friday night fireworks

Since the game went in to extra innings, we weren’t allowed to go on the field for the usual Friday night fireworks show. That would’ve made for some fun pictures (sans Isa since she left at the end of the game).

With two-thirds of the bridesmaids

After the game we met up with Sean at King Taco for tacos and sopes — way better than Dodger dogs. I think our shirts might’ve garnered more attention there than at the game. We went our own ways after that since the cousins and Lori live in the opposite direction than Sean and I.

King Taco run postgame

I enjoyed my laid-back night out with my Lori, Isa and the cousins. I’ve been to several games with them over the years and they’ve all seen me through important moments in my life as well as really tough ones. With two weeks out, I couldn’t be more excited to have them at my side on my wedding day.

Bachelorette outing

Thanks Lori, Nancy, Vanny, Valerie and Isa for taking me out to the ball game. Love you.


4 thoughts on “Something blue: Dodgers bachelorette outing

  1. awww I love the idea of putting the headings on the shirt in Spanish, especially La Novia, way better than putting the bride…that seems annoying for some reason while la novia doesn’t.

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