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Early summer in photos

It’s time for an Instagram photo dump.

Batman forever (not the movie) @seanathan

Sean is excited about The Dark Knight Rises. Can you spot the bat signal?

Found shoes for the bridesmaids. @vureno902 @andreakurtz @valsterr27

I joked with my cousins and sister that I’d make them wear these shoes for the wedding. I’m not a fan of TOMS shoes, neither are they.

I don't grow tired of this view and trying to find all the distinctions on each side.

I’ve been walking past Royce Hall for 14 years and yet this view doesn’t get old (UCLA p/v). I still don’t think I’ve found all the discrepancies between both halves. It looks symetrical but it’s not.

The amazing[ly round] Spiderman

If Spiderman was really this round, I doubt he’d be very agile. Have you seen the latest Spiderman flick? I checked it out with Sean and enjoyed it, but couldn’t wait to hear his critiques afterward. He knows his stuff when it comes to comic books and superheroes (and a lot of other things, too). I find his geekiness quite attractive.

Not the intended audience

Probably because the average wedding costs over $25,000.

Hope this girl is okay. I run through this intersection all the time. Seeing a runner sitting in the intersection is worrying.

I got off the bus last Monday to see this a block from my apartment. It’s rather troubling considering I run/walk through there often. I don’t know what happened, but shortly after I crossed the ambulance arrived. I hope she was okay.

It's like something out of a Kanye video

My ride on the recently opened Expo line a few weeks ago felt like something out of a Kanye video. The guy in the bear mask was with a few other people who were filming and photographing him.

Really glad this guy was born today.

Sean on his birthday. Lots of people celebrated by taking the day off, barbequing and blowing things up.

Day 1: Self portrait while following election results in México. #photoadayjuly

This was my worried look while following elections results coming in from Mexico.

Day 30: made a new friend. He's kinda short.

I visited the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach for work. It was pretty neat, but not as cool as the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I missed the sea turtles.

16. Out and about at Mamá Toni's 90th birthday. #photoaday

My family threw a big party complete with mariachi and birria (of course) to celebrate Mamá Toni’s 90th birthday. She even got a birthday greeting from the President and First Lady. I’m lucky I’ve been able to spend lots of time with my grandparents and gotten to know them.

According to my cousin, Minel has fully embraced the terrible twos.

Minel turned two recently. According to my cousin, he’s fully embraced the terrible part of those years.

Mom and sister hiking up in the Angeles National Forest. We started our hike at Chantry Flats. Don't know the name of the trail.

My sister invited me on a hike in the Angeles National Forest with her and my mom. We started off at Chantry Flats (entering from Arcadia) and then did an easy 4 mile loop.


One thought on “Early summer in photos

  1. I see your toms and raise you a pair of wedding uggs. So LA.

    Also! Just read your last post and I love your invitations. Also genius idea to get wine at the 5 cent wine sale.

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