T-minus two months

Two months. That number worries me despite the fact that wedding planning has been pretty smooth so far. Sure, I fret about the numbers, but overall the decisions on the big stuff have been pretty easy.

From here on out Sean and I will need to make a lot of decisions about the small things. How will I wear my hair? What will the cupcakes look like? How will we structure the day? Where will we take pictures following the ceremony? The last one is a headache. I’ll explain later.

We’ve been getting a lot done lately:


We received our invitations two weeks ago. Over the next couple of days we updated the mailing list, printed labels and spent several hours stuffing envelopes and applying labels and stamps. We decided to keep it simple and leave off a second envelope and a separate enclosure for information on accommodations. We printed that on the back of the invite. 

invite process

I love the final product (looks better in person and not with my bad kitchen lighting). Noma did an amazing job both designing the invitations and being the contact person with the printer. She helped us find an affordable printer and even got us a discount.

We hand delivered some local invitations on the 4th and  placed the bulk of them in the mail on Thursday. My parents and grandparents delivered more by hand on visits to family. By Monday, we began to receive our first reply cards. We’ve had a couple of surprises, but most of the yeses were expected as were the few nos. 

Mini carrot cupcakes

It took me a while to decide what I wanted to do with the cake or cupcakes. Mainly, I needed to decide if I was going to use a custom-made cupcake stand my mom borrowed from a friend, Mrs. G. The five-tiered cupcake stand was made for Mrs. G’s son’s wedding in 2009. It holds up to 300 cupcakes and a small cake on top. I liked the stand, but insisted that we change the damask pattern. It’s nice, but doesn’t fit our colors. Last week, my mom and I went shopping in Downtown LA’s garment district. We found navy blue fabric and an appropriate trim. 

 Camera Roll-132

My mom finally chose a dress. (Not this one.) She looked for a couple of months and went to several stores. She’s easily the pickiest member of the bridal party. We found a dress during our downtown shopping trip. 

Wreath for flower girls

Our two flower girls and ring bearer are set. I still need to choose dresses and accessories for the girls. 

Wine for the reception

Sean and I took advantage of BevMo’s wine sale. We might have missed it if not for a reminder from my brother. We ordered online and picked it up in a rental from U-Haul. It’s currently being stored at my parents’ house. After buying 21 boxes of wine, Sean said he could understand why some couples might do a cash bar or have a dry wedding. Sort of. He doesn’t believe in dry weddings or cash bars. At least we got a great deal. Half the bottles we purchased cost us a nickel. 

We still need to buy beer, water and other non-alcoholic drinks. 

I'm a Chicana. I was made to pose next to bombs (old school cars).

In the works. I’ve been to a couple friends’ weddings where they forego the traditional limousine in favor of a “bomb” (restored cars from the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s). I love this look and think the backdrop of a beautiful old car would be great for some photos. I’ve found a car club that does rentals, but need to officially book them. Sean has looked in to booking transportation for the wedding party and out of town guests. The best price we’ve found came from a company referred to by friends. 

I feel like we’ve done a lot recently, but know there’s many more items on our to-do list. At least my mom and sister have a bit more free time during the summer.


4 thoughts on “T-minus two months

  1. Diana says:

    Hello Cynthia,

    Ive been following your blog, I am so excited for you especially because we are having our wedding reception at the same location! I cant wait to see your results, your a very calm bride! I give you credit for that! Happy Planning..


  2. Zenaida Arroyo says:

    OMG!! I am getting so excited about your wedding! Looking forward to reading more about it.


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