Return of my running legs

I finally feel like I have my running legs back. They’ve been missing since mid September. They showed up for about half of the Long Beach Marathon before cramping up. I gave them a break of a few weeks afterward. That break probably helped me return to normal, even if when I got back to running I felt out of shape.

Last week has been different. I’m on a new training plan for the Holiday Half Marathon in 5 weeks and the Carlsbad Half Marathon in 11 weeks. I’d like to be in PR shape for Carlsbad.

To do that, I’ve hired an online running coach (Marc Pelerin). In the past, I’ve used generic plans from ActiveTrainer for the LA Marathon and for the Pasadena half marathon. For my first half marathon (Long Beach), I used a generic training plan made by a friend. I think I did okay, but felt really discouraged after Long Beach. Whatever I did on my own did not work. I’m not sure I’ll sign up for a spring marathon just yet. I’d like to do LA again, but I wonder what’s going to happen given that Frank McCourt, soon-to-be former owner of the Dodgers, is entertaining offers from buyers. The LA Marathon isn’t perfect, but I loved the Stadium to the Sea course. At least McCourt didn’t mess up everything.

I stuck to the training plan Marc sent me and did a little bit of strength training today and Tuesday. I ran 25.3 miles. I feel good, but know adjusting to the end of daylight saving time and fertilizer season in my neighborhood will be a minor challenge.

Seriously, fertilizer season in fall and early winter sucks. I can try to make myself get up in the morning to run, but the smell will still be there. At least I don’t have to deal with the cold.


Also, congrats to those who ran the NYC Marathon including Gene of PostBourgie infamy Kai/Idiot Runner, Charlotte, Theodora, and Scott who finished in 2:46:07. Wow. He’s crazy fast and he has fun out there.

Meb Keflezighi, '09 NYC Marathon winner and a Bruin!

Oh, as for the elites UCLA alumnus Meb Keflezighi ran a 2:09:13 PR despite having to stop and vomit. Talk about overcoming obstacles.

On days like today, I miss being in a bicoastal relationship and the monthly trips to NY. Cheering in Harlem last year was so much fun, even if my fingers got numb and I nearly lost my voice.


3 thoughts on “Return of my running legs

  1. Awww….Meb threw up. That gives me the sads.

    I think the online coach will help a lot. My coach completely changed the way I run. Form and all.

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