November goals and October check-in

Lori won a turkey for placing first in her age division

Health & fitness
1. Stick to my marathon training plan
2. Run the Turkey Trot 10K and set a PR – Last year my sister won a turkey for placing first in her age group. I placed 2nd in my group. It was a tiny race thanks to the rain.
3. Strength training twice a week
4. Run home from work once a week
5. Go back to Weight Watchers for a meeting
6. Focus on eating more fruits and vegetables (5 a day)

1. Get save-the-date and invite ideas to our graphic designers
2. Decide a concept/location for our engagement photo shoot in December
3. Figure out estimates for 2 more big items on our budget

The Blog
1. Do something for the 11/7

I don’t have anything big for work this month. My goals for my own education remain the same.


Health & fitness
1. Run a personal best at the Long Beach Marathon – Nope. I added 30 minutes on to my LA Marathon time.
2. Begin half marathon training – Check. I took two weeks off after LB, but got back in to it at the end of the month.
3. Start strength training – Nope.
4. Eat out less – So-so. The weeks in LA might have been okay, but the NY trip probably messed me up.

Pumpkin bread

5. Try more new recipes – Check. I made a delicious pumpkin bread I found on Jamelle’s blog. This is the first time I’ve tried baking some kind of bread. My mom and sister, the actual bakers in the family, approved. I

That dissertation thing
… Let’s not talk about this.

Job1 & Job2
1. Write my section of the report for one of our external funders – check
2. Finish the qualitative institutional reports – check
3. Start remembering the names of the new students – needs improvement

1. Update our budget, make a plan to save enough and pay any outstanding deposits – Check, if you extend the deadline to November 2nd. The only thing we got done in October was the last item.
2. Schedule our engagement shoot with Michael, our photographer – same as #1
3. Ask our bridesmaids and groomsmen to be part of our wedding party – check! (except for one, that’s Sean’s job)
4. Ask X to be my maid of honor – Check. I asked Lori, my sister, to by maid of honor. She said yes, but she seems a little nervous about the responsibilities.
5. Meet Sean’s extended family at our informal Long Island engagement party – Xheck, the party was fun. I could use some more rum punch.
6. Work with our graphic designers on our save-the-dates and invites – Still need to do. At least we have a timeline to work with.

The blog
1. Post two DIY costumes per week – Half check. I posted 7 costumes, but some were re-done. I do give myself some credit for putting up some new costumes like La Dama and the Mexican Calendar Girl.

1. Get my Halloween costume together – Check. This was easier after I switched plans and all I had to do was get yellow shorts and make my antennae.

The Overkill Jar

2. Make an overkill jar for all the words and phrases Sean and I say way too much – Check. The money will go to the wedding fund.


4 thoughts on “November goals and October check-in

  1. I’m interested to see how you fit strength-training in your busy schedule … I’ve neglected the weights for months. Can’t seem to find the time between work and my marathon training.

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