Halloween on a budget: George Lopez (post ‘Lopez Tonight’)

Whenever I put together my Halloween costume suggestions, I try to include some related to current events or scandals. Frankly, I had a tough time thinking up some for this year. A lot of the current events on my mind are not things I feel comfortable joking about for a fun and festive day like Halloween.

After watching TV last night, the idea came to me: George Lopez… post cancellation of Lopez Tonight

I know a lot of people were upset when TBS cancelled Lopez’s late night show in August. Some people seemed to be upset that yet another hardworking Chicano had lost his job. The recession has hit Latinos the hardest out of any other ethnic group. Others were bothered by the lack of diversity on prime time and late night television. I can appreciate the sentiment, even if you rarely watched Lopez Tonight. I didn’t, but I don’t have cable.

George Lopez (post-Lopez Tonight) costume

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. A nice suit

2. White dress shirt

3. Bright colored tie

4. Dress shoes (with black socks! guys, you shouldn’t have to be reminded)

5. Spiky salt and pepper hair

6. Bleached white teeth

7. Silly faces and lots of hand gestures

8. Pink slip with CANCELLED, Lopez Tonight and TBS logos sticking out of your suit pocket in lieu of a handkerchief

If you do something after work on Halloween (a Monday), you won’t even have to go home and change. You can just put the pink slip in your pocket.


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