27 days (or less) to fix my slacker ways

La guerrillera

Be as bad ass as the huntress/warrior woman in the mural above.

More specifically…

Health & fitness
1. Run a personal best at the LB Marathon; I have more ambitious time goals than sub 4:23, but I’m not so sure how that’ll work out with the hamstring issues and cold
2. Begin half marathon training (for Holiday Half on December 12th)
3. Start strength training
4. Eat out less
5. Try more new recipes

That dissertation thing
1. STOP SLACKING. Seriously.
2. Chapter 3 drafted, sent to the advisor. Chapter 2 revised.

Job1 & Job2
1. Write my section of the report for one of our external funders
2. Finish the qualitative institutional reports
3. Start remembering the names of the new students

La boda (the wedding) [with Sean]
1. Update our budget, make a plan to save enough and pay any outstanding deposits
2. Schedule our engagement shoot with Michael, our photographer
3. Ask our bridesmaids and groomsmen to be part of our wedding party
4. Ask X to be my maid of honor
5. Meet Sean’s extended family at our informal Long Island engagement party
6. Work with our graphic designers on our save-the-dates and invites

The blog
1. Post two DIY costumes per week

1. Get my Halloween costume together
2. Make an overkill jar for all the words and phrases Sean and I say way too much


2 thoughts on “27 days (or less) to fix my slacker ways

  1. Seeing this inspires me to write my own list.

    I really hope your recover 100% from your hamstring.

    P.S. 1 I think it’s funny you wrote [with Sean] like if you have different choices 🙂
    P.S. 2 what’s your Thesis about ?

  2. Chapter 3 was the worst! At least in my exp… So once you get over that beast, things should move more quickly.

    I can’t wait until I have a boda… well, okay, so I am planning to do it on Cesar Chavez with the county, but still looking forward to it!

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