The new girl

Daisy greeted me when I stopped by my parent’s house to pick up my sister a month ago. I figured she was one of the neighbors’ dogs who had just gotten out.

“She’s been here since the morning and won’t leave,” Lori told me. “I think Chepe fed her.”

She kept hanging around and watched as we drove off. When we returned from the baby shower, she was still hanging around.

A few days later, Lori sent me a photo of my parents sitting side by side. Mom held VR, the spoiled dog we’ve had for seven years. Dad held the new girl he’d named Daisy because of her Daisy Duke-like legs.

My parents decided to take her in until a possible owner showed up. They took her to the vet to look for a chip. She had none. While there, my mom tried to encourage another man looking for a rescue to take her home, but he wasn’t interested. Later, my dad scolded her, “She’s not for giving away!”

My family registered Daisy, who we found it just seven months old. She got her shots and got fixed too. She’s legit now and she’s part of the family.

VR doesn’t seem too happy about it. She gets in his space and takes away attention from him. I really can’t see why.


4 thoughts on “The new girl

  1. Awwwww, I melt! I’m such a sucker for dogs. I have fallen in love with many-a-stray in my life, and it is almost a disappointment when you find the true owners after falling for the pup. Is she a sweetie? Does she seem well-trained? I can’t wait to move to a pet-welcome place and get myself a dog.

  2. Ahh! I just went on your Running page and saw you in your marching band uniform. I also played trombone for band in middle school and high school! And I actually liked the uniform, thought the pants were really flattering.

    I wasn’t very good, though — I was third chair.

  3. RR,
    She’s super affectionate, but not too well trained. She barks at any little sound or stray cat wandering outside. She even barks when my siblings or parents come home, totally different from our veteran, VR. It’s funny, I think VR was getting kinda lazy, but now he’s more active trying to keep up with Daisy.

    I was always 2nd chair in high school. As for college, I was third chair. I didn’t mind. It was fun enough to be part of the band then. My fiancé makes fun of me when I mention band stuff ’cause I sound so nerdy.

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