Four weeks until the Long Beach Marathon

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I’m running the Long Beach Marathon in four weeks. My training had been going well until Thursday. While at work, I started feeling some mild pain in my inner right knee. I’ve had knee pain before, but this pain was new. It wasn’t too bad, and I was able to do a marathon pace 6.5 mile run that evening without a problem.

The next morning it hurt again so I iced. It got worse throughout the day as I went to school/work and ran some errands. In the evening, we went to the Angels and Yankees game. Walking up and down the steep stadium steps aggravated my knee. When I got home, it hurt to change out of my jeans. I figured if I couldn’t bend my knee without wincing in pain, I probably should postpone my 20 mile run the next day.

I iced my knee, took Advil and rested on Saturday. In the evening, I felt much better and prepared to run early the next morning.

I ran my long run this morning and felt great, well as good you can feel running 20 miles. I followed pretty much the same route I did when I ran my last pre-LA Marathon long run (to the beach and back). It was cool and cloudy through 90% of my run. I felt great and pushed the pace faster than my normal long runs. I was running pretty close to my intended marathon pace, probably too fast for a long run. Still, I felt comfortable. I think it might be a good indicator of what I’ll be able to do on race day if all goes well.

Hopefully the knee pain is past me.


7 thoughts on “Four weeks until the Long Beach Marathon

  1. Yay, taper time?!

    I’m not doing this race this year (I’ll be back next year, though), but I know a lot of people who are running it. I’m still about 5 weeks from taper, which makes me kinnnnda sad, ha ha. Hope the knee pain is past you, as mine is kind of random.

  2. If you still have knee problems, I recommend this knee strap:

    You’d probably want to try it out before the race. But it made me feel better when I ran through knee problems earlier this year (well, that and less running). I currently have four of those straps and keep them in my gym bag, spandex drawer and car for last-minute aches and pains.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. dang, 20 miles must feel good! I haven’t hit that number in a while (well, 19 is pretty close, but still!) Sounds like you are good and ready.

    btw you were a sociology major at UCLA? I studied sociology and poli sci, I bet we shared many professors! The only names that come to mind are Linda Van Luven and….nope, that’s all i’ve got.

  4. Lisa,
    I think it’s just inflammation as I don’t recall injuring myself.

    I did the LB half last year and really enjoyed it. I’m glad this course is much flatter than LA, my first full. My knee is feeling a little better. I got plenty of rest last week and iced a lot. I think it helped! Now that I’ve done my last long run, I think it’ll be fine come race day.

    Yup, I did sociology and Chicano Studies. I don’t remember that prof. I think I took Soc. 101 with Prager who made old school sociology theorists seem interesting. My favorite class was Sociology of Mental Illness with Melvin Pollner. He was a great professor and the material was fascinating. I think he passed away a few years ago.

    Thanks. I’v never heard of that strap. I gave my legs some rest last week and did a couple of short easy runs. My knee is feeling better now. Phew.

    The 20 mile run last week was my penultimate long run pre-taper. I did the last one today. I’m so excited for the taper. It comes at a good time too ’cause it’s getting hotter and these weeks at the start of the quarter are pretty busy.

  5. Dana says:

    Hi Cindylu! Came across your blog and happy to have found it! I hope to start training for my first marathon after I run my first half in oktober. I was hoping I could ask you which training program you use? Thanks!

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