June haiku: Summer solstice edition

Grease sing-a-long

Free dinner from work
Means I don’t have to cook
Just go home and run

Summer solstice plans?
Hike up to my happy place
Watch Dodgers win one

Weird to see Stringer
Chasing down Brit murderers
Not running drug ring

Unplanned tempo run
Goes well, run sub 9-mile pace
Puts me in good mood

At Grease sing-a-long
Dirty lyrics get censored
Can’t corrupt the kids

El Tri wins Gold Cup
Defeats a hated rival
Diaspora cheers

At tunnel exit
Grand views of Half Dome and falls
Suburban kids ‘Ooh!’


3 thoughts on “June haiku: Summer solstice edition

  1. “Golllllllllllllllllllllllllll!” could be five very long syllables. Maybe haikus are harder in Spanish because it seems like there are always more syllables. I was rooting for Mexico too 😛

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