Old school: Camping


Things I like about this photo (1989ish):

  1. The Padilla kids are in it, in fact I only have it because Stephanie scanned it. Our parents are compadres and had been friends since they were teens. We grew up together and went to lots of parties and camping trips. We were all close in age. Tony was the same age as Danny; Kathy was a year younger than me; and Lori and Stephanie are the same age.
  2. We’re crammed in to our large brown tent on a camping trip, most likely at Kern River, one of my happy places. I’m pretty sure when we went to bed that night, we could still fell ourselves being pulled downstream by the cold waters of the river. Growing up, we took almost annual camping trips to Kern River with extended family and my parent’s compadres. I loved it, even when I’ve gone more recently as an adult. I’m going camping next week for the first time in Yosemite. My cousin and her boyfriend proposed the idea and the group quickly grew. It’ll only be cousins and our significant others. It’s been interesting to plan this out together rather than rely on our parents to pack everything. Hope we don’t forget something.
  3. Bunny ears. Since it’s unclear whether Tony or I am giving Kathy the bunny ears, I’m just going to blame him. It’s something a big brother would do, right?
  4. That sparkly headband. I went through a headband phase around 3rd or 4th grade. My mom hated it because she really wanted me to have my hair up in a neat ponytail or braided.
  5. Lori’s hair is finally growing out of the bob/bowl cut she rocked as a toddler.

I’m sure there will be more campground shenanigans after this trip.


2 thoughts on “Old school: Camping

  1. so cute and classic….looks like it’s out of a great nostalgia movie. Yosemite will be SO FUN!!!! Take lots of pics. I’m going to Yellowstone for the week, so between me and you we’ve got two of the most beautiful parts of the world covered 😉

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