June haiku: Grooms and grooming

I don’t think a haiku does justice to Cain and Jessica. I’ve known Cain since he was a kid. He’s a year my brother’s junior and they went through school together from K-12. Their friendship grew stronger in middle and high school. Cain became a fixture at my family’s home. He’d come over to hang out with Adrian, go skate boarding, play video games or workout. I came to see him as a brother and as a member of the family. Like a brother, he was there for some of my memorable moments, went on a vacation with my family, and celebrated many birthdays.

As for the wedding, it was lovely and a lot of fun. I’d been looking forward to it for a while and was curious how Adrian would toast his best friend when it came time. I teared up during the vows, especially when Jessica recited the vows she wrote.

It’s been neat to see my adopted little brother grow up, become a father (their daughter is adorable) and become a responsible adult (not that he was a crazy kid or teen). Oh yeah, he graduated a day before the wedding too! He’s had a lot going on.

Congratulations, Cain and Jessica!

First grade teacher
Tells entertaining stories
Of disruptive kids

Finally dyed hair
And got rid of all the grays.
Back to brown. For now.

Shots to celebrate
Just-earned doctorate degrees
Time for new titles

Flash bright orange pass
Ride free on the Big Blue Bus
And get to school/work

Get upper lip waxed
Avoid Frida mustache look
Don’t like her that much

Met at Wilson
Dated eight years, had baby
Now starts wedded bliss

Father’s Day wishes
Delivered through text message
Dad was out of town


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