Familia, Fotos

Youthful forefathers

Grandpa Bartolo, 19 years old, 1944, Salamanca, Guanajuato
My paternal grandfather passed away in 1996, but before that he left his mark through his ability to heal with his hands and his influence on his family. I was lucky to see him almost every Sunday and get to know him. He was a little strict, I think you’d have to be with a bunch of grandkids running around your house, but always kind and loving.

Papá Chepe, 25 years old, 1945, Los Angeles
I’m very close to my maternal grandfather. Since I was a kid, he’s lived with my family when in Los Angeles. I love dancing with him and hearing his stories about when he was a kid or when he first came to LA as a bracero. He’s worked hard his entire life in the fields and as a gardener. He’ll be 91 in a few weeks.

Dad, 18 years old, 1972
There’s a lot of things that I admire about my dad. One of those has always been his willingness to better himself for his own good and that of his family. At a young age, I saw him change his life and become a better father and husband (he wasn’t a bad father/husband before, but there’s always room for improvement). He’s made some big changes and been a good example of the benefits of hard work, fait and will power.


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