Familia, Fotos

Twenty-five years

Family portrait, 1986

Ten things I like about this family portrait from 1986:

  1. Adrian barely fits in his clothes. He was a fat baby.
  2. Lori and I are wearing matching dresses. I think they were homemade. Our earrings arracadas jerezanas, match too.
  3. My parents look great. No surprise there.
  4. Neither Danny nor I are smiling. I’m pretty sure I was trying to hide my messed smile.
  5. My color. I’m sure no one looked at me as a kid and wondered why I was such a lighter shade of brown than my siblings. (Really, people have asked me this.)
  6. There’s only a slight hint of gray in my dad’s hair. I forgot what he looked like with dark hair.
  7. My mom is rocking the ’80s perm and big hair.
  8. Lori’s bob blends in to my dad’s jacket.
  9. Danny looks like he’s up to no good. Not a big surprise, since he broke a lot of stuff in our house growing up. (Have I told you about the time he and his friend decided to have a fight with the balls from our pool table and I got caught in the cross fire? Ouch.)
  10. The Olan Mills tag at the bottom. We took a lot of portraits at Olan Mills.

I think we’re still a good looking bunch.


5 thoughts on “Twenty-five years

  1. You guys look awesome! I love these “flashback” family photos.
    However, I was seriously pissed at my sister for putting one up on facebook where I look seriously busted, and she looks super cute. Ahhh familia. 🙂

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