June haiku: part 1

The birthday boy

Not so good at catch
Lots of missed balls and close calls
This time, no shiners

Finish run past ten
Doesn’t matter, met our goals
Deserves a high five

Make enchiladas
Use corn tortillas, of course
That’s the only way

Price Is Right taping
Hoped to win a car or cash
Never got a chance

Drove 40 miles east
Just to be there for a friend
Said sorry, gave hugs

Unclear on concept
Kids tap piñata softly
Must wait for candy

Lots of Breaking Bad
On sick day that kept me home
Tummy issues suck


2 thoughts on “June haiku: part 1

  1. so mysterious! Your 10 mile run, or your run past 10:00, does deserve a high five. And WHO is the cutie with the most adorable fake tux on?

  2. We finished after 10. I stayed at work longer than expected and by the time we got started it was kinda late. I’m glad my fiance waited for me. I wouldn’t have done that alone.

    And the kid is my cousin’s son, Minel. He’s really calm and chill all the time.

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