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Question of the week: Sibling influence

Last week during Jaime Hernandez’s talk, I started to think of how my own siblings, especially my older brother, Danny, had influenced me. Jaime is one of 5 children (4 boys). He said both of his older brothers had influenced him, but when it came to comics and writing it was mainly Gilbert. Jaime spoke of Gilbert with the kind of admiration you admit to strangers, but never to your own sibling.

I’ve done the same thing. I’m pretty sure I’ve written kinder words about Danny, Lori and Adrian here than I’ve ever told them. I’ve also never thanked them for unknowingly influencing my interests and habits.

Danny is about 20 months older than me, but because of his December birthday, he was only one grade ahead. Because of this, we were often enrolled in the same childhood activities like baseball, children’s choir and ballet folkórico together. I don’t remember choosing those things, but being a shy kid, I enjoyed them much more because Danny was there. I chose to be an altar server because Danny had been one for a few years before. Similarly, I picked trombone in 7th grade because my brother and cousin Robert both played. I likely would not have been in band if I didn’t know about Danny’s experiences his freshman year. I was a shy and bookish kid, but Danny was outgoing. He helped me come out of my shell.

Lori is the reason I’m running the LA Marathon. She’s the reason I took to running two years ago. I’d run before, but without Lori’s advice and her encouragement, I probably would’ve picked another activity for exercise. I cheered on Lori at her first half and full marathons. At the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in May ’09, I was at the finish line with her boyfriend at the time. I’m pretty sure I cried a little as she finished. I’m sure there are more ways she’s influenced me, but running is the first to come to mind.

Adrian and I share a lot in common (we’re both Virgos), but he’s also 5 years my junior and I’m less sure of how he’s influenced my interest. In writing this post, I could only think of Harry Potter and certain bands when it came to his influence. Maybe I’m not thinking hard enough, or maybe we’re already a lot alike.

La Pregunta: How have your interests or habits been influenced by a sibling?


3 thoughts on “Question of the week: Sibling influence

  1. Jesus C says:

    None…Louie just copies me lol. Maybe I don’t have enough siblings? I only have one. I could think of a few bands Louie has gotten me into but for the most part he just insults my taste in music. What a jerk! haha!

  2. It’s my brother’s fault I read comics and now I spend more time reading about/obsessing about comic books and comic book culture than he ever did.

  3. tabitha says:

    my oldest sister- well, i just remember wanting to be like her for most of my life. there are countless ways she’s influenced me. mostly- she sort of inspired me to move to LA. she’s always been very bold in making life decisions.

    since i’m the second oldest and the first of my siblings to go to college, i can see my influence on my younger siblings fairly easily.

    btw- your posts make me want to have 4 kids…

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