By the numbers

A year ago, Sean and I went on our first date. While singing along to the Bird and the Bee, I asked him to be my boyfriend. He agreed.

It’s been a fun 12 months. Some more numbers:

1 surprise visit; missed flight (that was me); cancelled flight thanks to a snowstorm (that was Sean, obviously)

2 races Sean attended to cheer me (and Lori) on

3 members of Sean’s immediate family I’ve met; baseball games we’ve attended together; museums we’ve visited; trips to the beach

4 animated movies we’ve seen together; we only watched one live-action movie (Inception)

5 ZogSports football games I attended to cheer on Sean and friends; comic books and graphic novels I’ve read per Sean’s recommendations

6 concerts attended together

7 photo sets of me spinning

8 trips we each to took to visit each other

9 years we’ve known each other

10 weeks since Sean moved to LA

40 number of Sean’s friends I met give or take a few

100 of my immediate and extended family members Sean thinks he’s met. It’s probably closer to 50.

227 days apart from March through December

586 songs on the Bicoastal Mixtape

53,270 JetBlue points earned between the two of us


5 thoughts on “By the numbers

  1. Lucero says:

    When I read “spinning” I automatically thought about cycling, silly me I should have known better, you’re a twirler and a runner 😛

  2. Steph, Koku and Corren,
    Thanks for the well wishes. Sean helped in counting up some of the items, so he should get credit too. 😀

    I’m too much of a wuss to try spinning. I don’t know why, I like riding bikes. I think twirling might be better, but what if someone thinks I mean a baton?

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