Mil palabras: In conversation

I didn’t spend much time in the galleries on my most recent trip to the Getty Museum with Sean. Instead, we spent most of the warm January afternoon exploring the impressive gardens, finding the best views of the city and people watching.

I love watching people from afar, especially couples deep in conversation. I make up my own discussion based on facial expressions and body language. This guy seems distant as he looks off in to the horizon. She’s making an effort to get closer. Maybe she’s trying to convince him or reassure him of something. Perhaps she just told him that she was admitted to grad school up north, but their relationship will be okay. She’ll visit often. Or maybe she just asked him where he wants to have dinner or which exhibit they should visit next.

What do you think they’re talking about? Do you make up your own stories when you people watch (if you do so)?


2 thoughts on “Mil palabras: In conversation

  1. He looks like he’s trying to enjoy the view and she’s bugging him about something her friend on the phone told her. “You won’t believe what Stacy did!”

    I make up stories and alternate realities for couples I see on the subway or next to me in a car. I wonder if people do that to me as well.

  2. I think she is trying to convince him that this is where they need to be at this moment, and to enjoy it. He on the other is thinking “Look at my shirt, I’m way to cool for this chick.”

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