Sized down

There’s a post somewhere in my drafts folder titled “xs.” That’s about buying a size small red sundress only to find that it was too big. Somewhere in the same file, I started writing another post about meeting my goal weight, maintaining that for 6 weeks (actually 7), and at the end of that achieving Lifetime membership through Weight Watchers. There’s a third about playing “pretty, pretty princess” with Lori.

Needless to say, I’ve been having some issues writing about this and working out my thoughts. Here’s my attempt.


On Saturday, Lori and I attended a friend’s birthday party. I left my apartment in a simple brown dress and sandals, but once at home realized I had to change. I forgot about the black and white theme. Fortunately, my sister didn’t mind opening up her closet to me. She offered up a few black and white outfits.

I tried them on, but not without first looking at the tags and thinking, this won’t fit. Last year, there was a 1 before the 4 and the letter after the X was not S. But everything I tried on fit just fine, just as it had when I tried on her pants right after Christmas. I settled on the outfit above out of convenience, laziness and because the other outfits made me feel a bit naked.

Lori then offered up some shoes choices. After settling on leopard print stilettos, I went with these peep-toe sandals. She did my makeup, or what we call playing “pretty, pretty princess.” Sometimes she does my hair too, but we were already running late.

We snapped a few photos, standard practice for when I actually get all dolled up with makeup. Plus, I wanted an “after” picture, even if I think they’re deceptive.

And then we left to the party.


I keep looking at the photo. Some of it is vanity. I love the way I look. I’ve never claimed to be modest. (See: a photo I made Sean take while in NY last week.)

Some of it is disbelief that the woman in the photo is me and not Lori, my little sister. In the past 15 years, I’d become accustomed to seeing myself as the brainy, overweight sister. Lori was the smart, slender, athletic sister. She still is.

I’m the one who changed, and I’m still getting used to it.


7 thoughts on “Sized down

  1. chispa says:

    Cindy you look absolutely fabulous. I’ve said it before, you inspire me to get up and get moving!

  2. Cindy,

    I have been a sporadic reader of your Blog, since I found it by accident about 4 years ago. I love your writing style and I learn a lot from you.

    Today, I decided to drop by and found myself, gazing at a GORGEOUS looking girl. Wow! I thought. This is a “look” that definitely becomes you. The skirt looks great on you and the blouse complements it. Being the shoe buff that I am, I couldn’t help notice the ones you’re wearing. They are just right! The make-up looks natural and well done and the hair completes the look. Yeap… I like it!

    So, I admire you for your writing style and I learn from it and all the things you share with us. But today, you’ve also taught me a lesson in determination. Your weight loss efforts are definitely not unnoticed. Congratulations on this achievement. You look GREAT sweetie!!!=)


    Araceli Ramirez “Chely”

  3. César says:

    I’ve said this many times, but Cindy you look amazing! Take this advice from someone who went through this very same transformation: enjoy it, live it. It’s you. This is you. Even then, I still flinch when friends call me flaco, or when my father calls me cachetón.

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