Julieta Venegas on KCRW


I missed Julieta Venegas’ appearance on Morning Becomes Eclectic today. I was too stressed with some work stuff.

Anyway, I’ve really been feeling her latest album, especially “Despedida,” quite the cheery breakup song. Julieta describes it as a “sensible goodbye.” (There’s something about Julieta and her breakup songs. Who remembers my obsession with “Me Voy” four years ago? (Yikes. Was it really that long ago?)

If anyone gets to check out her show in Ventura, I want to see pictures of her baby bump. I doubt it will compare to Inara George’s.


4 thoughts on “Julieta Venegas on KCRW

  1. César says:

    I think Julieta gets better and better. With this new album, she distances herself with her latin alternative roots. She says it herself that she’s no longer that person. She doesn’t know how to do that kind of music. And personally, I’m glad. She’s an artist and artists evolve. Julieta continues to show how talented of a songwriter and musician she is. Her KCRW set was wonderful, especially the piano version of “lento” and “me van a matar.” Amazing.

  2. César says:

    Oh, crap. “Me Voy” is four years old, really? I was just as obsessed with it as you were. I still remember the first time I heard “Lento” and I raised an eyebrow, and I just knew Latin music wasn’t going to be the same again.

  3. tacosam says:

    I saw a great interview with her this past weekend on CNN Espanol. She is touring while pregnant and commented that she cannot play accordion (without sitting) so she has two others play according on stage. You can see a photo of her baby bump here: http://mexico.cnn.com/entretenimiento/2010/04/26/julieta-venegas-la-tijuanense-cumple-con-su-publico-del-vive-latino


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