August in photos, 3

I spent my birthday at Disneyland and California Adventures with the siblings and Alan. The lines were short, even for new rides and at least a dozen employees wished me a happy birthday when they spotted my button. It was a good day, despite the heat.

August 21: He’s a good sport, even when I make him pose in a doorway on our way to watch a movie (The Hangover).

August 22: I’ve been to La Juquila many times over the past ten years. I usually order chilaquiles, but this time I chose enchiladas de mole colaradito (which I order all the time at Guelaguetza). I was surprised to see them covered in so much cheese. They were okay, but I really prefer the less cheesy version at Guelaguetza. Later, I read El Chavo’s latest huevos rancheros review. I figured this was a perfect example of Mexican food leaning more to the cheesy Mexican American style.

August 23: More me. Boring. Hopefully less boring than a day of laundry and an evening of True Blood, Entourage, and Mad Men.

August 24: I’ve only lived in 4 places. This is one of them, and it was only for 6 weeks during the Freshman Summer Program.

August 25: Major smug alert spotted in Culver City. There are also 53 decals on the rear sides.

August 26: Lori organized a night out with the cousins at the Edison downtown. We stayed long enough to check out the show. It was cool just to see the cabaret show and check out the decor.

August 27: I’d been looking forward to Lila Downs’ performance at the Santa Monica Pier all summer. Unfortunately, she cancelled earlier in the week due to appendicitis and recovering from an appendectomy. I still went. It’s always nice to be at the beach at night, especially when it’s not too cold.

August 28: Everything on this edible bouquet is as good as it looks. Thanks, Arlette!

August 29: Alan and I took advantage of the late night skating sessions at the Culver Ice Arena to end a busy day (library, cupcake shopping, Dodger game-watching, and (500) Days of Summer).

August 30: The family celebrated my birthday with some carne asada and pollo asado. Afterward, we played Pictionary and Jenga.

August 31: Lori wanted to bake me a carrot cake, but I insisted that it was way too hot to turn on the oven. Plus, I’d already satisfied my craving with a cupcake on Saturday. Instead, she made this Lego cake at the Lego Store at Downtown Disney after we had lunch. She even sang to me.


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