Siguiendo la luna

My parents wanted to name me Veronica. Dad liked the idea of calling me Ronny. They passed on the name after a couple close friends chose the name for their newborns.

Cynthia came to them from a baby book. I don’t know what they liked about it, but just know that it met their primary qualification: it sounded good in English and Spanish (to avoid aCameron/camarón) situation).

They rarely use Cynthia, just as they rarely use Daniel and Laura. I’ve always been Cindy, except when it comes to a place like the doctor’s office or the DMV. Or when I got in trouble.

I didn’t think about this much until I read “My Name,” a vignette in Sandra Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street in high school. I wrote a short essay and concluded that Cindy fit me better. It was short, bouncy and casual. Conversely, Cynthia was too long, formal and sounded inherently snobby (only in English, I like how it sounds in Spanish).

I didn’t even consider the meaning of my name. After all, this was well before I fully developed my affinity for the moon and came to really appreciate my prominent lunares.

A few weeks ago, after a great run under the full moon, I came to new conclusion about my name. Mom and dad knew what they were doing.

Cynthia really does fit me (or I fit it?).


4 thoughts on “Siguiendo la luna

  1. Diana says:

    Hey Cindy,
    Sounds like you were in my summer classes. I read “My Name” probably 3 times this summer for different classes in my program. And yep, I also always talked about the moon. I think it was my name that encouraged my affinity for the moon, since it was what triggered my interest in Greek/Roman mythology when I was in grade school.
    I wish I had more lunares. and that I could attach a -lu. Diana-lu isn’t as cute. =D haha.

  2. Cindy, I’m glad your parents didn’t name you Veronica. That is my husband’s baby mama name. Everytime I hear it–in a restaurant, at Target, in church, on the radio–I get the chills. Aye!

  3. “Cynthia” does not sound snobby. It sounds like music.
    Some people like to call me Clem, and while I don’t mind it, I will always be Clementina, just like my abuelita’s.
    BTW, thanks for the mention!

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