August in photos, part 2

Happy Dodgers fans.

August 11: I attended my first classical concert at the Hollywood Bowl with Mom and Danny. Nicholas McGegan — who reminded me of Mr. Adams, my high school band teacher — conducted three Mozart pieces: Overture to The Marriage of Figaro; Piano Concerto No. 23 (with Louis Lortie playing piano); and Symphony No. 40.

Right before the show, my mom asked me, “how many times have you been here?”

I replied, “this year?”

August 12: Currently reading Mark Abley’s The Prodigal Tongue: Dispatches from the Future of English. Abley contacted me in 2005 because he wanted to speak to a blogger about Spanglish. I was happy to sit down with him. I’m quoted in the chapter on Spanglish.

August 13: I’ve never been to this car wash on Pico and Beverly Glen. I pass it on my way to work (if I drive) and on my runs around the park/golf course. I like the old school sign.

August 14: Last week when I mentioned Pink’s Oiyan volunteered to make a trip. We set a date for an early lunch to avoid the long lines. Adrian also showed up as we were finishing our chili dogs and fries (he helped with the fries). I doubt I’ll return. That chili dog did not sit well with me. Adrian says it’s because I’m weak-stomached woman

August 15: I went to a friend’s birthday BBQ in Echo Park. Her mom made yummy mojitos. I had a few. I was happy and in the mood for Zap Mama at California Plaza, Descarga (with Buyepongo) at El Cid, and then the after party (where I lasted all of half an hour before crashing).

August 16: I didn’t attend the Nisei Week festival in Little Tokyo. Instead, I was in the area for karaoke, but got sidetracked briefly to check out the parade floats and participants lining up at Central and 3rd.

August 17: Sometimes you got to buy yourself flowers.

August 18: Will vs. Cuban sandwich. I’m also pretty sure that the BlackBerry was in hand 90% of the time during his visit to LA.

August 19: Will, Kianga, Alfred and I had drinks at Father’s Office in Santa Monica.

August 20: Russell Martin hit a grand slam. The whole stadium went wild — except for the scattered Cubs fans like Will and Esperanza — especially this kid and his brother. They were both wearing the Martin jersey and were really excited during the whole game. Dodgers won 7-2. I was happy, mainly because I didn’t have to eat my words after talking trash about the Cubs all day.


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