May in photos, part 2

May 10: I made this. Mom loved it. Notice, I also included VR, the dog?

May 11: I wear t-shirts a lot now. Everything else doesn’t fit (and at this point I hadn’t gone shopping for new clothes yet).

May 14: I joined the LOST crew/Eastside bloggers for Wendy’s graduation. She was the keynote student speaker for the Latino graduation and gave a kick ass speech.

May 17: Alan and I wanted to play catch at the park, but that was a no-go since neither one of us had mitts. Instead we played whiffle ball. Alan busted one of the whiffle balls and we thought it was an omen, like in The Sandlot.

May 20: Late May and I was still wearing a scarf? Weird.

May 23: Mariachis y nopales… what’s more Mexican? I danced a lot at a co-birthday party for my friend Aflred and his father.

May 24: Lori had a coupon for a local frozen yogurt/gelato spot. We stopped by for a snack and played Connect Four. I laughed when she asked, “how do you play again?”

May 25: Pachuco3000 ate this at the Eastside bloggers’ Memorial Day BBQ. We joked that the chile relleno topped with chorizo, guacamole, salsa Doritos and queso fresco (last two were added later) looked like it could be on This is why you’re fat). The BBQ was fun. We played whiffle ball, sang and tried to figure out the best and worst Chicano movies.

May 27: I tried on a lot of clothes. In the end, I had a few bags ready to donate. These pants were too loose and too long. I put them in the donate pile which became three large shopping bags full by the end of the (first) purge. I went shopping that night and bought some new jeans. They’re too loose now.

May 31: Lori’s medal from the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon. She has a small collection of these from her previous half-marathons.


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