April in photos, part 2

April 17: I went wine tasting with my mom and sister in Temecula. We visited my mom’s friend at the winery and enjoyed a nice afternoon. It’s quite amazing, we all get along really well after a few sips of wine (and a bite of chocolate cheesecake).

April 18: I joined some of the other writers from LA Eastside during the spring art walk at the Brewery in Lincoln Heights. Afterward, I had some yummy homemade beer.

April 20: Work. Work. Work. I even had to work a couple of Saturdays.

April 21: Free mini-fan from the Flyaway bus folks.

April 23: Showing off my current favorite pair of earrings. Also, check out the blouse. I was really trying to be Chicana that day.

April 25: Celebrating our anniversary by splitting up. Sorta.

April 26: In my brother’s words, “there’s always room for bacon.”

April 27: My new Nike Cortez prompted the question: what shoe is more Chicano, the Nike Cortez or the Converse Chuck Taylor’s? Folks on Twitter and Facebook favored the Nike Cortez.

Also, these are my first pair of Nike shoes. I would wear them more often but they don’t match much of my clothes. I’m trying to change that.


3 thoughts on “April in photos, part 2

  1. April in photos in July? Come on girl, you gotta speed the pace up.

    I kid, I kid. Nice choice of color on the kicks, but they still look like moon boots methinks.

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