April in photos, part 1

April 10: I’m pretty sure I danced throughout Los Fabulosos Cadillacs’ show at the Gibson Amphitheatre. It was my first time catching a live LFC show and I loved it.

April 3: Most of the time, I work out late at night. I realized recently that my roommate’s incessant and loud phone conversations have probably been the best motivator for getting me to the gym. I like working out, but I get lazy just like everyone else. When I can’t take the talking, I know I need to be at the gym. It works. By the time I return, the apartment is quiet.

April 4: You know what food I crave most often? Good frijoles de la olla.

April 9: I met up with a friend to talk about making a choice between going to grad school at UC Berkeley or at UCLA. I also had a caterpillar roll. It was yummy.

April 11: I often call my sister “girlpants,” or GP. It comes from a cartoon and is supposed to be an insult, but we always say it with love. I’ve come to add “pants” to the names of some family and friends (e.g., Mom-Pants).

April 12: I spent Easter Sunday with family in Ontario and dyed and egg for the first time in a while. This one was made by my cousin, Bibi, an art teacher. One egg really made us laugh.

<img src=";

April 14: See, I don't go looking for it. Sometimes, 31 just finds me.

April 15: The photographer in a polaroid t-shirt.


4 thoughts on “April in photos, part 1

  1. wow, lucky you. i have never seen them. i would also like to see Panteon Rococo, what you think about them? They are from Mexico City (i think).

  2. Tin,
    I like Panteon Rococo. I have some of their music and have seen them live with Maldita Vecindad.

    Irasali and Yaneth,
    Abita Purple Haze is a beer. Alan likes it, but I don’t think I’ve ever tried it.

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