March Project

March 5: I first saw a photo of the “City of Los Angeles/Made in Mexico” manhole cover in the now defunct Tu Ciudad magazine. I found one on UCLA’s campus on a path I walk through frequently. I guess sometimes I just need to look down.

March 1: Some of the best student leaders in the UC system, including my good friend, Lucero.

March 2: I still think it’s weird that the governor — whose office is guarded by CHP officers in funny hats — was the Terminator.

March 8: Post workout, so fresh and so clean.

March 9: Greñuda status.

March 11: Ozo loves Mexican baseball.

March 12: I got to see Babasónicos free thanks to The Scenestar.

March 15: I took Ozo to the Mexico vs. Korea World Baseball Classic game. Korea won. It was cold. And Mexican fans are mean!

March 20: I love tamarindo.

March 24: I bought a box from a pair of Girl Scouts selling outside Trader Joe’s with their moms. I remember doing the same thing at grocery stores in Hacienda Heights. I bought a box and gave it to DB who proceeded to eat them quick.

March 26: Papá Chepe fell on the morning of the 16th. He chipped a tooth, bruised and cut up his hands and fractured his left knee. A few days later, he got his cast and my cousins/siblings scribbled all over it. They left me a spot at the top. Papá Chepe no longer has a cast, but he’s still limping around.

March 28: He says he’s the Rihanna in this relationship. I don’t mean to hit him, but sometimes he’s the victim of my clumsiness.

March 31: I play a game with the boyfriend similar to the slugbug I played as a kid. Instead of watching out for VW Beetles, we look out for Prius’. I added a few additional rules. You get punched a second time if the car has an Obama/Biden sticker. If there’s a “coexist” sticker, you get punched another time. I think this sticker (if on a Prius) would’ve cost you 3 hits.


4 thoughts on “March Project

  1. Your Prius game would quickly turn into a fist fight in Berkeley, the Prius and hippies-who-love-their-bumper-stickers capitol of the world.

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