February Project, Part 2 (sorta)

I stopped the daily photo project some time during February. There simply wasn’t much to photograph. I miss it now. The photo project was my daily diary of what I did, where I went, who I was with, what I saw, etc.

I intend to restart it in May. I do more exciting things in the spring and summer months than in the winter.

For now, I’ll just catch up on the last couple of months.

February 11: I cheered for the Mexican soccer team. They lost. Oswaldo Sanchez (my lone Bobblehead) let too many in.

February 12: DB and I saw Crips and Bloods: Made in America. It’s a good documentary, especially if you’re into the history of Los Angeles and people of color. However, since I’ve studied this, I felt a lot of it was review (e.g., racist police, redlining, restrictive covenants, West coast style racism). Although there were interviews with about 10 Crips and Bloods members, both old and young, I felt the documentary lacked more information about gang culture.

February 13: These two don’t usually go together, do they?

February 14: Valentine’s Day felt like just any other day we spend together, except we dressed up a bit. We caught a matinee show of Danny Hoch’s Taking Over and then headed over to the Getty. There were a lot of couples out enjoying art. We spent some time checking out the photography exhibits and taking silly pictures in the family room before grabbing dinner. It was a good day.

February 15: The middle eastern boy at a middle eastern restaurant.

February 16: I like my reusable grocery bags. I try to leave them in the car so I always have them on hand when I make a quick trip to the grocery store.

February 17: I’ll admit. When I first heard a song by Juana Molina, I really didn’t get her. I found her a little boring. Nevertheless, I agreed to go to her show with a friend. I’m really glad I went. Her live show made me like her music much more.

February 18: I found this on my car, which yes, did feel dirty. I really should keep it cleaner so it retains the new car feel.

February 21: My cousin’s son really loves Star Wars. He has dozens of figurines and all the movies. My cousin and some of the other women said they found the movies to be long and boring.

February 24: Parking is Westwood sucks! Actually, I can easily find temporary parking, sometimes free, sometimes at a meter. All day parking is a another story. The best option for me is the bus.


2 thoughts on “February Project, Part 2 (sorta)

  1. R. says:

    !. Taking pictures is underrated.

    @. I’m not much of a Nikon guy myself but I have to admit that Alan’s got some nice gear. (He got skills too.)

    #. Sanchez? I thought Ochoa is their go-to guy nowadays.

    $. You got me thinking if there could be such a thing as a zealot for peace?

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