I am my father’s daughter

When I found the above photo of my dad, he joked that he was trying to look like Rigo Tovar. I saw something else: proof that my affinity for huge sunglasses and other weird eyewear is genetic or at the very least a learned behavior. I was born/socialized to like glasses that cover most of my face.

Now maybe Oso will stop threatening to hide my sunglasses. Hater.


12 thoughts on “I am my father’s daughter

  1. César says:

    Keep rockin’ them large sunglasses, don’t let anyone tell you you don’t look good in them otherwise! Cool picture of your dad, btw.

  2. la Tumbleweed says:

    very cool foto! has your dad seen the two pics side by side?

    btw, I too rock big shades, every other style just looks weird on my round face.

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