Off Season

I pay little attention to baseball during the off season. Of course, I followed the news on whether or not the Dodgers would re-sign Manny and I had a few conversations about Alex Rodriguez’s confession about using steroids when he played for the Texas Rangers. (Rodriguez was my favorite player from ’96 until he signed with Texas in 2001. After that, I stopped paying attention to his career, but still kept up a pennant from his days with the Seattle Mariners.)

These days, I’m following the World Baseball Classic and hoping Mexico advances out of pool play. Oh yeah… who knew anyone actually played baseball in the Netherlands?


10 thoughts on “Off Season

  1. machiko says:

    i am all about the world baseball classic.

    how awesomely appropriate is it that the finals are held in LA?!

  2. R. says:

    I remember back when I was a sophomore in high school, I would hear about this Alex Rodriguez kid that would single handedly kill our team. I’d never been all that interested in baseball but I couldn’t help but notice all the talk about him like he was the second coming.
    It sucks that baseball is so engulfed in this steroid mess and I’ve always wondered why they weren’t more strict with their testing and more stern with their punishment. Olympic athletes don’t see a fraction of the money baseball players make but even a slight infraction can cost them their chance at any of it.

  3. I’m still trying to get over the last WBC when Luis Ayala (one of only 2 good relivers that my beloved Nats had at the time) tore a bunch of ligiments in his elbow while pitching for Mexico… he was never really the same after that.

    Now we’ve got Adam Dunn playing for the US team and everytime I see him make a play in the field I’m afraid he’s going to pull a hamstring or twist an ankle.

    but aside from that fear, I’m actually enjoying the WBC.

  4. At least the Beisbol team is doing OK for now. The Futbol team sucks pretty bad and is going through some dark times. The Futbol team beat lowly-Bolivia last night, but 2 goles were scored by an Argentian (naturlized Mexican) and another goal by an Uruguayo (naturalized Mexican).

  5. -k- says:

    i was at the netherlands vs dr game on my birthday. the whole netherlands playing in pr thing was confusing until i realized that nearly all of their players were islanders.

    on principle, i stopped watching the games after puerto rico was eliminated. =(

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