October Project, Part 3

I realized that I had more interesting things/people to photograph during the summer. I hope this isn’t getting boring. Eleven new photos for the last third of October after the jump.

October 21: The program I work for holds a poster session for the freshmen during the fall quarter. They’re supposed to check out research posters presented by a dozen or so juniors and seniors. This year, half the presenters part of our fall ’06 class (the first class I really got to work with). I didn’t understand half of what they talked about, but it made me proud to see their progress over the years.

October 22: Stuff I carry around on a day to day basis (sans phone and camera). Dan Savage’s The Kid: What Happened After My Boyfriend and I Decided to Go Get Pregnant was my on-the-bus reading for the past few weeks (it’s a short ride). I enjoyed the book and Savage’s honest cynicism (e.g., he wants to have a baby so he has an excuse to get fat). I finished reading it the same day I went to a baby shower and a baptism.

October 23: Ozo’s newest outfit was a gift from DB. He’s quite the sporty monkey. His closet includes uniforms or t-shirts from the Dodgers, UCLA Bruins, Chicago Cubs and Bears. He also has a generic soccer uniform. If I didn’t already have a Halloween costume, I could’ve been a hockey mom…

October 24: I traveled to San Jose for a meeting at UC Santa Cruz. I spent the afternoon with friends in downtown San Jose. Of course, I had to stop by MACLA to catch “The Art of Style” before it closed. The group show featured five pieces by my talented friend, Rio Yañez. “Supa Fresh” (above) is one of Rio’s pieces based on a self-portrait I took the night of my 27th birthday. I like how he makes me seem much cooler than I really am.

October 25: I was in a meeting at UC Santa Cruz for a good chunk of the day. The meeting went well, but I still needed to unwind. I had dinner and several drinks with friends at a few bars in Santa Cruz’s cute downtown.

October 26: Despite what folks think, I usually don’t go looking for 31. The cashier at Taquería Vallarta in Santa Cruz gave me this after I ordered a torta de carnitas (so good).

October 27: Someone loves Roommate2 and wants to show it by giving her a 3-foot tall teddy bear.

October 28: My altar is up all year long. Photos of Grandpa and Grandma together at their 50th anniversary and a program from Cindy Rabuy’s funeral are also part of my altar.

October 29: I’ve had my San Marcos blanket since I was in middle school. It’s finally been cold enough to bring it out of the linen closet once again.

October 30: I had a late lunch and then checked out some exhibits featuring Mexican and Chicano artists at the museum. I only had time to see Silver Seduction: The Art of Mexican Modernist Antonio Pineda and La tinta grita/The Ink Shouts: The Art of Social Resistance in Oaxaca, Mexico (link).

I learned a lot about how Taxco, in Guerrero, Mexico, came to be famous for it’s silver. Silver Seduction featured dozens of beautiful pieces made mainly from Antonio Pineda’s shop as well as that of other silversmith designers and masters who either influenced or competed with him. I strongly recommend the exhibit.

As for Tinta Grita, I checked it out quickly. I liked the woodcuts and stencils, but felt the Fowler could have presented more information on the situation in Oaxaca which gave rise to the political art.

I plan to go back soon to see Caras vemos, corazones no sabemos/Faces Seen, Hearts Unknown: The Human Landscape of Mexican Migration.

October 31: Who says you can’t spend Halloween with family? Lori bought her costume, but Adrian — a not-so-scrawny nerd — went with a low-budget approach. He was really proud of his $5 bowtie and pocket protector. More Halloween photos; Lori’s set.


4 thoughts on “October Project, Part 3

  1. Great photos as usual!

    Mmm Taquería Vallarta. So good! (I’ve been gone from Santa Cruz for many years but I still miss it!)

    I love the Supa Fresh photo.

    Maybe I’m too old, but I have no idea who Carmen Sandiego is!

    Thanks Cindylu.


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