Halloween on a Budget: Carmen Sandiego

Nobody understood my costume last year. I tried to go for abstract and learned my lesson. I was a “Hairdresser on Fire,” yes as in the Morrissey song.

Prior to Halloween, my friends asked, “how are you going to do that?”

It wasn’t tough, but it was time consuming. I had my mom make me a smock and I sewed flames all over the smock (which was more like a coat). I also named the hair salon something punny and stuffed my pockets with cheap hairbrushes and combs. The costume was a dud. Nobody got it, even hardcore Morrissey and Smiths fans. Plus, it was too warm to wear while dancing in a crowded club.

Right after Halloween ’07, I chose Carmen Sandiego. I grew up playing the computer game, watching the PBS game show, humming along to Rockapella, and watching the cartoon. I’ve always loved geography, maps and trivia so Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? was the perfect game. I knew the costume would be recognizable and easy to put together, save for finding a red hat.

Here’s how to dress up as Carmen Sandiego

  • Red trench coat (I bought mine right before Christmas on sale)
  • Red fedora, a nice hat would’ve cost too much so I just found a $10 hat on an online costume shop
  • Black gloves (purchased in a Santa Cruz hat shop)
  • Black shirt, pants and shoes (found in my own closet, but I might borrow boots from my mom)
  • Long hair (oh well, short will have to do this year) and red lipstick (I’ll borrow some from my sister)

DB is dressing up as a detective on the chase.

Now all I have to do is steal some monuments or priceless art and jet off to some unknown corner of the world.

Happy Halloween!

PS I would’ve posted this earlier, but I didn’t want anyone to steal my costume idea! Carmen is the one who does the stealing!


2 thoughts on “Halloween on a Budget: Carmen Sandiego

  1. No one understood my costume this year.. I went all abstract too a theoretical rascuache and last year menos, no one got my costume: rigo tovar back from the dead as a british hip-hop star. oh well.

  2. diana says:

    Hey Cindy,
    did you have a good halloween?

    hey, I just saw the new issue of PP, are you coming to SB for the fundraiser? If you do, let me know!


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