Halloween on a Budget: Fernando Valenzuela

If you went to a Dodger game and checked out the jerseys Chicanos wear, you might think Fernando Mania was in full swing. Chicanos love representing the pudgy Mexican pitcher who made his debut with the Dodgers late in the 1980 season. He won the Cy Young and Rookie of the Year awards in 1981. Mexicans went crazy over Fernando. Twenty-seven years later, they’re still going crazy.

What you’ll need:

  • Fernando Valenzuela jersey. If you don’t already own one, borrow one. If you know any Chicano Dodgers fans, chances are your friend will own a jersey. Promise to keep it clean. Seriously. You don’t want to return it with beer or wine stains.
  • Baseball raglan tee (great if it’s a cold night)
  • Dodgers official Starters cap
  • White or grey pants to match your jersey (sweats could work)
  • Blue belt
  • Cleats or sneakers and baseball socks
  • Mitt and baseball
  • Pansa or beer belly
  • Shaggy hair
  • World Series ring
  • Master the crazy wind up and don’t speak English

You’ll be a hit with Dodger fans no matter how the playoffs go. If the team turns things around, you’ll bring a smile to fans’ faces as they recall a successful postseason. If the playoffs don’t end well, you’ll remind fans of the team’s success in the ’80s rather than recent disappointments.


One thought on “Halloween on a Budget: Fernando Valenzuela

  1. OMG, that’s too funny!

    For quite some time, the only Cubs games my dad would take us to were against the Dodgers as we were in full Fernando-mania at home. Heck, I think he took off from work for the entire homestand.

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