Halloween on a budget (’08)

While waiting for a friend in Westwood, I had some free time to duck into a shop. I chose Aahs! — a gift shop with a busy Halloween window display — to check out costumes and accessories.

As I expected, the ready-to-wear costumes kind of suck. They’re cheaply made, unoriginal and often offensive to ethnic minorities. For women who don’t want to bare lots of skin, there are few choices. The men’s costumes make a poor attempt at frat boy humor. Kids costumes buy in to boring gender norms. And girls’ costumes are inappropriately revealing (short skirts, form-fitting dresses, bare midriffs). And don’t even mention couples costumes.

Oh, and the costumes can be pricey. So what are you supposed to do for Halloween if you want to be original, not spend a lot (recession, anyone?) and have fun?

Do it yourself.

I know, I know. You may not be particularly crafty or creative, but that’s why we have the internet.

Last year’s Halloween on a Budget costume ideas:

More to come!


3 thoughts on “Halloween on a budget (’08)

  1. For Halloween I’m going to be the Mexican representation of La Muerte. It’s the ultimate costume on a budget. No matter what I wear, I can say “Soy la Muerte y me visto como sea. No me podrás distinguir, pero siempre te ando rondando” and I should be off the hook. I should read Paz’s essay on la Muerte, too, and quote it.

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