That time of year again

I hate the pressure of birthdays.

Everyone asks, “what are you doing?” as if you’re supposed to have an elaborate, day, evening, weekend, week or even month planned. (Side note: August has been pretty awesome so far.)

I always give in to the pressure, even if it’s tough to plan a big party over Labor Day weekend. I can’t just let the day pass like it’s any other Sunday. It’s the 31st! I have to celebrate it if only for that reason.

I decided on Wednesday to hold a BBQ/tardeada at my parent’s house. Maybe I’ll pass out last year’s birthday activity sheet made by Rio. Sadly, I won’t have a bouncy castle. Sorry kids.

Invitation by DB. He’s a [patient] Photoshop pro.


6 thoughts on “That time of year again

  1. I hate birthdays, period, hence I keep it as private as possible and try my best to disappear the day of my birthday.

    Have fun on Sunday. Are you going on Saturday to LH?

  2. happy birthday cindylu! wish i could be there but of course im stuck in chi town. ill have like approximately 3 1/2 beers in your honor though. maybe 4 if im not buzzed by the 3rd. maybe.

    stay cool.

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