Question of the week: Searching

I love looking at my site statistics. That’s how I find out someone linked to me (WordPress isn’t always updated) or that someone in Arizona spent an inordinate amount of time going through the archives.

The best part of stats is the search words. I’m surprised at the words or combination of words that most people type in to a search engine. While most people get here through something expected like funny Chicana/o t-shirts or costumes, there are some words that just make me scratch my head.

This week I got: super hot Chicana p*** (rhymes with corn)

Really now? I mean, I may be super. I’ve been called hot once or twice. I’m definitely a Chicana, no doubt there. But p***? Dude must have been disappointed (yeah, I know my gender bias is showing). All he got here was a question of the week post on telenovelas (see the comments).

La Pregunta: Do you get puzzling searches?


10 thoughts on “Question of the week: Searching

  1. Momo says:

    Holy crap! It was my post that provided three of those search words… my bad… “pow-pow” for me…

  2. Among my current top twenty searches:

    spanish singers maricela
    mary jane
    chub fotos
    young teenage girl in love
    bleach sex

  3. I used to get some weird searches, but now they’re just food related–boring. Here’s my top list for this month, but this line up has been holding steady for awhile:

    how to make mexican rice 537 23.4 %
    sabritas 85 3.7 %
    chanfles 63 2.7 %
    how to make refried beans 53 2.3 %
    lincoln heights 45 1.9 %
    frijoles de la olla 39 1.7 %

    So if people want hits, show the world how to do something basic! BTW, sabritas used to be my top search and I just copied a picture from google!

  4. I’ve gotten a few odd ones, but the one that stands out most in my head is “south GATE HIGH SCHOOL’ NUDE.”

    The top search term is “soledad en masa.” Most of my top searches relate to music:

    * “saul viera death” is the second highest search, and with the inclusion of other Saul Viera-related searches, they are easily the top search. They all lead to this post.
    * “Chalino Sanchez” is third.
    * “Mariachi Veritas” is fifth.

  5. hey, i get that for “sexy bush” and people end up seeing pictures of G.W. as a model!!

    and once again, feliz cumpleaños Cindylu

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