July Project, Part 2

A photo a day for the 31 days of July.

Photos from the first ten days of the month are here

July 11: Roberto Sifuentes, a member of La Pocha Nostra, and his partner reminded me of Ixtaccihuatl and Popocapetl in this pose, especially with the landscape in the background. These performances at San Francisco’s de Young Museum were part of The New Barbarians. The show featured four performance art pieces in four galleries in the museum’s American and New Guinea art collections. I had no idea what to expect about the show, but was fascinated. I’m glad I received Rio’s invitation in time and just happened to be in the East Bay for the long weekend. After the show, Rio, his girlfriend and I got in to the reception, snacked on appetizers and got to meet some of the main performers like Guillermo Gómez-Peña. Awesome. (More photos from the show.)

July 12: I’ve been to the UC Student Association’s annual summer conference for the last four years, but this one was much different. It was much less rigid and more democratic. I’m not sure the process worked.

July 13: I *heart* Lucero, the new president of UCSA.

July 14: After the monthly Latino blogger meeting, I drove over to Ramirez Liquor in Boyle Heights at Whittier and Soto. It was described by El Chavo as a beer oasis. He wasn’t kidding. He improved my life.

July 15: I needed some double-sided tape or a glue stick for a therapeutic scrapbooking project. No one will ever see the scrapbook.

July 16: My camera batteries died. Photo for the day sponsored by PhotoBooth (and cheese).

July 17: DB and I discovered a hobbit house in Palms. I wish I had my camera to get a better picture. I’ll go back.

July 18: I went ice skating at the Culver Ice Arena. Most of the skaters were middle school kids who chose weird insults (Bob Saget?) and kept getting in the way. Although I’ve been ice skating before and know how to ice skate and roller blade, I was initially nervous and shaky. I clung to the sides of the rink. DB patiently skated by me and assured me that ice skating was 90% mental. He was right. Once I got over my nerves, I glided along the ice in the cheap skates. It was fun (but cold!).

July 19: I drove to Long Beach to celebrate my cousin David’s college graduation and 23rd birthday. His sister, Bea, made some yummy chocolate-covered strawberries. They reminded me of Sunday brunch at La Mariposa. It was good to see my family, especially my cousin Robert who I hadn’t seen in roughly two years despite the fact that we both live in the LA area.

July 20: I enjoyed my fourth Hollywood Bowl concert of the summer. The lineup: Sharon Jones and Dap-Kings and Feist. The date: the always awesome Oiyan.


4 thoughts on “July Project, Part 2

  1. Yay Arrogant Bastard Ale! If ever you’re in Berkeley again (which I’m sure you will be), check out Jupiter or Triple Rock for good beer and food if you haven’t done so already. Perhaps we can both grab a pint some time.

    I was also at the Feist/Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings concert at the Bowl, somewhere in section L (I think). Didn’t you totally love them? I kinda wished Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings coulda played longer, but at least they played pretty much all my fave songs. My sibs and I took our New Mexico cousins there for the first time. Taquitos from Olvera Street and a variety of liquor were in our picnic. Oh how I miss summers at the Bowl!

  2. I read a bunch of Gomez-Pena essays in college. I’ve always wanted to see one of his shows. That’s so awesome that you got to see one and meet him!

  3. The performance art at the de Young Museum reminded me somewhat of the painting of Jesus Helguera, who produced the calendar art that was in almost every casa mexicana while I was growing up–and still has a place of honor in my own kitchen.

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