On beauty

I know I’m beautiful.

I know this because of my parents*.

My mom is beautiful. My dad is handsome. Since I have their genes, and many of their other not-so-visible but more wonderful qualities, I think that makes me good looking.

This logic works for my siblings too. Lori, Adrian and Danny are all beautiful/handsome.

*Going back to my grandparents and looking at my extended family, I’d have more evidence to support my conclusion.


9 thoughts on “On beauty

  1. Steve says:

    I hope beauty is deeply rooted and can travel in farther, more distant branches on that family tree of ours.

  2. Adriana,
    Thank you.

    The fact that you concur is another good reason why I’ll love you forever.

    I’m pretty sure Don Francisco goes under the needler (botox).

    I hear you’re pretty lucky.

    You and your sisters are all quite handsome/beautiful. I think the extended family thing works.


    Aw, thanks.

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