Luck (times two)

I got around to checking my email a little after noon yesterday. I scanned the subject lines for the most attractive. These two caught my eye:

“Congratulations! You have won BABASONICOS tickets from Losanjeaous!”

“You Won Tickets to Attend Babasonicos’ Concert tonight!”

For a few seconds, I wondered why Losanjealous sent me two notice emails and then I remembered that I’d entered a contest earlier in the week with La Banda Elástica. Dude, I’d just gotten quite lucky… twice!

For the rest of the afternoon, I tried to find three other people to enjoy a free show with Babasónicos and Los Auténticos Decadentes later that evening. I figured Oscar, a long time friend and blogger with the Scenestar, should have first dibs at one of the tickets. After all, he was the one who had urged me to enter the Losanjealous contest. Unfortunately, he couldn’t go. I found the next best thing in Matías and his friend Josue.

Matías y Cucho Parisi

Matías, one of my favorite undergrads, is a big fan of Auténticos. He described them as a more street version of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, arguably one of the best bands from Argentina. Matías and Josue wondered if Babasónicos would be the headliner if the show was in Buenos Aires and not in LA.

Los Auténticos Decadentes

The twelve members of Auténticos put on a great show. From start to finish they had the lively crowd dancing, jumping and singing along to their energetic songs. Matías said their set was definitely made to please their fans as they played all their hits.


As for Babasónicos, they played a good mix of songs from their more recent albums Jessico, Infame, Anoche and Mucho, which was just released. The highlights were “Risa,” “Putita” and “El Colmo.” The set felt a little short, but that may have just been because time went by quick and I was too busy dancing and singing along.

First and last photo of Babasónicos. Middle photos of Los Auténticos Decadentes. More pictures.


4 thoughts on “Luck (times two)

  1. Gustavo Arellano says:

    Both of the bands are amazing. And congrats, Matias, on your small LA Times op-ed piece this week!

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