Thanks, Mom

Dear Mom,

Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you for being awesome, for supporting me in every endeavor, for working hard to give me a comfortable life (but not be wasteful), for teaching me to be a good person, for making me feel better, for being creative and artistic, for teaching me to never be ashamed of my roots, for standing up for me (even if I didn’t deserve it), for reading, for showing me the meaning of strength and faith, for always making such delicious food, for teaching me how to dress, and above all, for loving me unconditionally.

You’re the light in my life.


Cindy (aka your Favorite Daughter)


7 thoughts on “Thanks, Mom

  1. Wow ~ what a beautiful photo of your Mom ~ so stylish, with a twinkle in her eye and a smile that must light up a room ~ this is a lovely post ~

  2. Mari,
    It was her birthday and I gave her that coat. That’s why she looks so stylish. Of course, I get my sense of style from her.

    Punk Rock Mom,
    Thanks. Looking at her, I know I have to be beautiful too ’cause she’s my momma.


    She got a foot massage. I hope she enjoyed the day.

    I’m sure your future little one will be just as awed of her momma.

    It feels pretty cool to know without a doubt that your mom is awesome, no?

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