Puro Pedo Magazine’s Insecure Pendejo Indicators

Puro Pedo Magazine’s new issue came out this week. To download a pdf copy just click here. The following article, “10 Signs You Are Dating an Insecure Pendejo,” was written by a few women on staff and is in this month’s issue. I’m sure you can add your own signs. We came up with about two dozen, but had to whittle down the list.

As an independent Chicana it can be hard to find a partner that embraces you and doesn’t feel like he’s walking in your shadow. The mujeres of Puro Pedo Magazine have devised 10 Insecure Pendejo Indicators to help you out in your quest to find someone as wonderful as you..

  1. After breaking up, he keeps calling to ask why you havent called him.
  2. He decides he wants a second chance only after you have moved on.
  3. After 9 months of dating, he still hasnt changed his relationship status on MySpace.
  4. He gives you a quota of three accomplishments per year.
  5. His idea of fun is watching Family Guy and drinking beer.
  6. He is more concerned with your weight than he is with his own.
  7. He keeps asking you for a threesome for his birthday.
  8. He gets jealous when you hug your male cousins at family parties.
  9. He convinces you not to break up with him so that he can break up with you later.
  10. You read this article to him and hes not laughing.

Tu sabes, if he is an insecure pendejo he just might not be secure enough to be with you so dont be an insecure pendeja and move on.

DISCLAMER: The material for this article came from a variety of sources. Any similarities to an actual insecure pendejo is out of mere coincidence.


7 thoughts on “Puro Pedo Magazine’s Insecure Pendejo Indicators

  1. i think that one’s on the list of ‘signs your date has poor taste in television’, but terrible sitcoms aside, i don’t see enjoying staying home as being insecure. maybe kind of boring, but that kind of boring can be good. depends on who you ask, i guess.

    (i am decidedly boring.)

  2. Sean,
    That would be a fantastic evening.

    Noooo! It’s hilarious? How can you not love Barney Stinson?

    Yeah, I hear at least one of the writers of that article has seen a therapist. Who knows if it had anything to do with a past relationship.

    I thought large sunglasses were the worst invention of the modern era.

    I love beer! You can switch Family Guy for the Office or one of several other television shows, and it’d be a good night in. On the other hand, I definitely would not like every evening to be like that. I’d expect to do something that didn’t involve the couch.

  3. La mera neta… a la gran mayoria de latinas les gustan los pendejos. Si uno les presta atencion, tiene buenos estudios y un buen trabajo, si uno es activo en algun grupo comunitario, si uno es saludable y tiene buen fisico, y si uno es decente pero apasionante en el amor las moras ni le pelan. A las latinas no les gusta un hombre romantico, inteligente, y saludable. La gran mayoria de latinas prefieren a un pinche gordo, pelon, que ni se graduo de la prepa… pero si se gradua, se gradua por pansazo o por chingarse a la directora…. pero con mucho respeto cada quien tiene su gusto… asta los pendejos y pendejas.

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