What would a telenovela be without some visuals of los protagonistas?

Click through to see just how cute we look together.

Ojitos and Cindylu, Little Temple

I know, I know… I cheated. I wouldn’t post an un-altered photo of Ojitos and violate his anonymity.


11 thoughts on “Sonrisas

  1. sean,
    maybe 3 minutes. tops.

    i like nice teeth! his look much better than that, by the way.

    haha. i’m sure he looks like a lot of guys who have goatees.

    jeff and mooch,
    thanks. glad you guys like my cheap drawing.

    haha. they’d had some nice brown skin, no?

    i’ve done this before. i’m a little shy when introducing a guy here. that other dude didn’t get a telenovela-like series, but if i told that story… ooooh. que drama.

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