Five photos, five days

Lunes. I was supposed to go a happy hour after work, but didn’t see anyone I knew at the bar. I ended up buying a bag of fruit in Westwood and walking most of the way home happily enjoying Daylight Savings Time, eating my fruta con chile y limón, and listening to the mixtape by Sean.

Martes. I drove out to the valley to meet with my co-panelists for next week’s National Association of Chicana/Chicano Studies conference. We met at R’s apartment which is nicely decorated with lots of Mexican indigenous artifacts. He also has Native American, middle eastern, and Indian influences reflected in the decor. My favorite element was the fish tank featuring the Temple of Kukulcan (or El Castillo) at Chichen Itza in Yucatán, Mexico.

On my way to Westwood Brewing Company — to meet my fellow advisees and advisor for our final class session of the quarter — I caught site of a 31 on a jewelry store. A woman stood by checking out the window display. I was more interested in the 31. Oh, and at the meeting, I presented a two-page prospectus (if you can call it that) which will eventually become my dissertation proposal. See, I have made some progress toward graduation this quarter.

Jueves. Guess which bag I chose to go along with my brown blouse, dark blue jeans and brown shoes?

Viernes. I was on campus for an hour to run some errands before I leave for conferences and visiting family in Texas and New York. I caught site of this empty Chipotle bag. It reminded me of Diego and his decision to avoid the recently opened Chipotle restaurant in Harvard Sqaure.


6 thoughts on “Five photos, five days

  1. One of the biggest things I miss being here is that I can’t walk out on the street and find someone selling fruta picada o duros con chile y limón. Oh, I’m going to gorge on that when I go back in late-May. ¡Quiero mango y jicama!

    Thanks for the shout out!

  2. machiko says:

    i despiiiise the new chipotle in westwood. the day they opened apparently they had free burritos.. and westwood turned into chaos. so not cool ): just as bad as non-french fries from america & mickie d’s. but HURRAH for diego, mixtec, chile, y limonnn… did i tell you i’m applying to study at santiago next year??

  3. Mmm, the fruit looks tempting! ; )
    As for which bag? I would’ve chosen the same as you…
    Texas & New York…ENOY!!

    Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.

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